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15 x 15 Pole Tent

Pole Tent

A pole tent is generally designed to be used on ground or grassy areas. A pole tent uses stakes driven into the ground and ties attached to them in order to support the tent. It is usually not possible to put up a pole tent on a hard surface such as concrete. ( unless the stakes can be driven into the concrete surface.

Usually a pole tent has at least 1 pole in the center as the main support. Some people like to decorate the center pole in a tent as centerpiece, using flowers, vines, various plants or fabric. Yet other people find the center tent pole a nuisance, as it blocks the view or just gets in the way.

Many people enjoy the appearance of a pole tent, and like the way it looks from the outside. The overall shape of the tent has graceful curves, dips and peaks, without any metal pipes showing on the inside.